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Lightning Jack

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Lightning Jack

Current Status:
In Season
Cuba Gooding Jr., Paul Hogan (Actor - Crocodile Dundee)
Comedy, Western

We gave it a D+

In Lightning Jack (Savoy, PG-13), Paul Hogan attempts to adapt the cockeyed charm of his ”Crocodile” Dundee persona to the role of Lightning Jack Kane, a second-rate bank robber desperate to carve out a place for himself as a legendary Western outlaw. The fun of the Dundee films — or, at least, the first one — was that Hogan, with his smirking Zen machismo, was such a friendly he-man that he seemed slightly ridiculous in the modern world: the Last Aussie Hero. Lightning Jack puts him at the center of a balsa-wood Western that’s every bit as cliché as he is, and so there’s no comic friction. As Jack’s mute-since-birth sidekick, Cuba Gooding Jr. gestures like crazy and does pop-eyed double takes — it’s like watching Stepin Fetchit play a mime who doesn’t know any tricks. D+