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Two middling '60s westerns reviewed on home video

Two middling ’60s westerns reviewed on home video. Both ”Geronimo” and ”The Unforgiven” are laserdisc misfires

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Two middling ’60s westerns reviewed on home video

These ’60s Westerns have much in common — each sports a title similar to recent efforts by Clint Eastwood and Walter Hill and arrives on laserdisc in a wide-screen video transfer. More to the point, neither one is really worth a purchase. The low-budget Geronimo, with its familiar cast of television actors, is at least watchable; TV’s Rifleman Chuck Connors has the cheekbones for the title character, and while the film is dramatically slack, it mostly avoids Noble Savage cliches. The Unforgiven, on the other hand, is a stultifying misfire. There’s the germ of an interesting story here, but director John Huston slows the narrative to a narcoleptic nod and lets his stars partake in an unintentional homage to silent-movie emoting. Both: C-