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The funniest TV quotes for the week of February 11, 1994

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”Listen, if you can fake an orgasm, you can raise on a pair of twos.” — Brett Butler replying to a male coworker who says women can’t bluff playing poker, on Grace Under Fire

”Have you ever tried finding a decent chimichanga in Idaho?” — Jesse (Mark Damon Espinoza), celebrating that his judicial clerkship will be in San Francisco, not Boise, on Beverly Hills, 90210

”Soon-Yi, I swear, I didn’t know she was your sister!” — Woody Allen to a peeved Soon-Yi, in a caricature cameo of the couple on the premiere of The Critic

”I hate it when they throw their bras at me — their panties. It’s such a waste. None of them fit me.” — Las Vegas superstar Engelbert Humperdinck on Arsenio, talking about his female fans