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Michael Douglas. Jane Fonda. Jeff Bridges. These are names that burn as brightly in the Hollywood firmament as those of their parents. Some children of Hollywood haven’t been as fortunate, though video stores practically bulge with the less-than-legacy-building feats of star progeny. And now, a sampling of what those damn kids have been up to. Edward Albert Acting parents: Eddie Albert and Margo Recent effort: Sexual Malice (1994, A-Pix) Career trajectory: Role as a sensitive blind guy in Butterflies Are Free pegged him as a promising romantic lead; it became clear, however, that the glazed look (inherited from his mom) he used to simulate sightlessness wasn’t much of a stretch. Nick Cassavetes Acting parents: John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands Recent effort: Body of Influence (1993, Academy) Career trajectory: While his auteur ) dad’s excuse for acting in some lousy movies was that he was raising money for his ambitious independent features, Nick has yet to use his paychecks to strike out on his own.

Ami Dolenz Acting parent: Mickey Dolenz Recent effort: Witchboard 2 (1993, Republic) Career trajectory: Dad’s movie achievements include Head and Linda Lovelace for President; his daughter’s biggest accomplishment is that she became a busy direct-to-video ingenue without ever having to disrobe for the camera.

William Katt Acting parents: Bill Williams and Barbara Hale Recent effort: Naked Obsession (1990, Vestron) Career trajectory: Unable to achieve big- screen stardom after playing TV’s Greatest American Hero, he became an unlikely erotic-thriller presence. Had he taken Dad’s surname, he’d be the most redundant actor in Hollywood.

Kathleen Kinmont Acting parent: Abby Dalton Recent effort: Bride of Re- Animator (1991, LIVE) Career trajectory: Like Mom, she began her career as a freshly minted B-movie cutie; unlike Mom, she went on to become an older B- movie cutie and married Lorenzo Lamas, with whom she has frequently costarred.

Lorenzo Lamas Acting parents: Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl Recent effort: SnakeEater III (1992, Paramount) Career trajectory: Frequent turns as a TV hunk (Falcon Crest, Renegade) have not slowed his incredible output of unwatchable cheap action flicks, one of which (Night of the Warrior) costars his mom.

Chris Lemmon Acting parent: Jack Lemmon Recent effort: Firehead (1990, AIP) Career trajectory: After his first major role, in The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood, he landed small parts in some of Pop’s films before returning to late-night-cable fodder. If Dad ever gives him guff, Chris need only say two words: Airport ’77.

Andrew Stevens Acting parent: Stella Stevens Recent effort: Body Chemistry 3 (1994, New Horizon) Career trajectory: While he has found his calling as the lead in erotic thrillers, his recent turn to directing the likes of The Terror Within 2 has afforded him the opportunity to cast his underemployed, preternaturally sex-kittenish mom.