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The Good Life

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A situation comedy built around the styles of not one but two stand-up comedians, The Good Life (NBC, Tuesdays, 8:30-9 p.m.) features John Caponera as a harried family man and Drew Carey as his best friend and coworker in a company that manufactures locks.

Caponera is a better actor than many other stand-ups-turned-sitcom stars, but he hasn’t been given any amusing lines. Carey fares worse—without the material that gives his nightclub act some punch, he spends most of his time standing around grinning sourly. It’s too bad, because, with his beefy frame, buzz cut, and square-guy horn-rims, Carey is a cartoon waiting to be funny. Caponera’s character has been issued three bland children, and in an utterly thankless role, Eve Gordon—so good recently in The Powers That Be—plays the chipper wife. At one point Caponera is called upon to say, ”There’s too many good things in the world.” The Good Life ain’t one of ’em. D