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Like Jason Patric, these six highly praised rising stars have yet to have a hit movie on their own. But give them five years, say two people in the business of recognizing new talent, and the troupe could be among Hollywood’s most wanted. Julianne Moore Known For: Perfect comic timing in moments of duress; bringing dignity to her bottomless, yes-she’s-a-natural-redhead scene in Short Cuts. Next Project: Peter Yates’ comedy Roommates. Star Quotient: ”She’ll win an Academy Award someday,” predicts talent manager Brian Swardstrom, who represents Elijah Wood and Brendan Fraser.

Tony Goldwyn Known For: The all-American mug and steadfast earnestness that make him an unlikely (and devastating) bad guy; planning Patrick Swayze’s trip to the next world in Ghost. Next Project: The Pelican Brief. Star Quotient: ”He reminds me of a young, brooding Gary Cooper,” says manager Douglas Urbanski, whose clients include Gary Oldman.

Mary-Louise Parker Known For: Being sweetly sexy and quietly moving, whether as Matt Dillon’s girlfriend in Mr. Wonderful or Mary Stuart Masterson’s devoted pal in Fried Green Tomatoes. Next Project: John Grisham’s The Client. Star Quotient: Although she’s not a classic beauty, ”she’s redefining Hollywood’s leading woman,” says Swardstrom.

Campbell Scott Known For: The movie-star looks and stage-trained sincerity that make him every woman’s dream date, whether he’s pining over Kyra Sedgwick in Singles or Julia Roberts in Dying Young. Next Project: Alan Rudolph’s Mrs. Parker. Star Quotient: ”He’s one of the best actors working,” says Urbanski. ”There’s no doubt in my mind he can go the distance.”

Fairuza Balk Known For: The Lolita-esque allure she brought to the naively romantic Shade, in Gas Food Lodging. Next Project: Imaginary Crimes with Harvey Keitel. Star Quotient: This teenager, says Swardstrom, ”is as good as Juliette Lewis.”

Dermot Mulroney Known For: The good-guy affability and bad-boy edginess of Point of No Return and Young Guns. Next Project: Next April’s Western Bad Girls, with Madeleine Stowe. Star Quotient: ”It’s a movie or two away for him,” says Swardstrom. -Rebecca Ascher-Walsh