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The holiday season means Santa, sweets, and …sequels: Addams Family Values, Sister Act 2,. Plus, Steven Spielberg is offering up a twin bill-W’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story, a Jurassic Park for the Barney set; and Schindler’s List, an R-rated film that can teach older children about the true spirit of giving. Movies ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES * What It’s About: Gomez (Raul Julia), Morticia (Anjelica Huston), and the ghoulish gang return to theaters with new baby Pubert and nanny Debbie (Joan Cusack). *Will Kids Want to Watch It? Oui-it’s a scream. Older children will appreciate the clever, macabre humor, and many can probably relate to the outcast adventures of Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) at camp. * MPAA: PG-13. * Sex/Nudity: Debbie and Fester (Christopher Lloyd) discuss their virginity. * Drugs/Alcohol: Gomez pours vodka into a baby bottle for Pubert; the family drinks a champagne toast. * Violence/Scariness: The movie includes black humor that might frighten small children: Debbie tries to shoot, then electrocute, Fester; the kids first throw Pubert off the roof and later try to behead him. * Objectionable Words/ Phrases: Two. u Mature Theme: Kooky is cool. * Appropriate Ages: 10 and up.

GEORGE BALANCHINE’S THE NUTCRACKER * What It’s About: The New York City Ballet performs Balanchine’s version of the classic Christmas fantasy. * Will Kids Want to Watch It? Yes, because Macaulay Culkin is in it, but they may lose interest once they realize it’s 100 percent dancing, there’s no dialogue-only sporadic narration by Kevin Kline-and Culkin’s role is small and silent. * MPAA: G. * Sex/Nudity: None. u Drugs/Alcohol: None. u Violence/ Scariness: Some swordplay. * Objectionable Words/Phrases: None. * Mature Theme: Dreams provide a window into the subconscious. * Appropriate Ages: 4 and up.

GERONIMO: AN AMERICAN LEGEND * What It’s About: Led by General Crook (Gene Hackman), Lieutenant Gatewood (Jason Patric), and scout Al Sieber (Robert Duvall), the U.S. Army attempts to capture the famous Apache warrior (Wes Studi). * Will Kids Want to Watch It? It’s doubtful. This movie is so politically correct, even true shoot-’em-up cowboy fans will find themselves rooting for the Apaches. u MPAA: PG-13. * Sex/Nudity: None. u Drugs/Alcohol: Some saloon drinking. u Violence/ Scariness: Typical Western fare-guns, bows and arrows, hatchets, hangings, bounty hunters. *Objectionable Words/Phrases: About 15. * Mature Theme: If you try to force people from their homes, don’t be surprised when they fight back. * Appropriate Ages: 12 and up.

JOSH AND S.A.M. * What It’s About: Two brothers, Josh (Jacob Tierney) and Sam (Noah Fleiss), hit the road after their parents divorce. * Will Kids Want to Watch It? No. Although the movie does have some comic turns, it’s generally depressing. And kids will think the unsmiling Sam, who believes he is a Strategically Altered Mutant, has gone off the deep end. * MPAA: PG-13. u Sex/ Nudity: None. * Drugs/ Alcohol: A drunken man (Chris Penn) offers Sam a beer. (To the movie’s credit, Sam refuses.) * Violence/ Scariness: Josh hits a man over the head with a pool cue. More frightening is the insensitivity of the boys’ parents (Joan Allen and Stephen Tobolowsky) toward them. * Objec- tionable Words/Phrases: 15. * Mature Themes: Sometimes you’ll believe anything in order to survive; broken homes can mean broken lives. * Appropriate Ages: 12 and up.