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11 Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David

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Stop us if you’ve read this one before: In 1993, Seinfeld wentfrom cult hit to Emmy-winning top 5 smash. The masterminds behindthe show, Jerry Seinfeld, 39, and writer-executive producer LarryDavid, 46, have dealt hilariously with everything frommasturbation to mangoes. So we’ll let them speak for themselveson how they cope with the price of success (and toothpaste).

EW: Where do you keep your Emmys?

JS: Over my TV. So that when I’m watching other TV shows and Ithink something is bad, I look up and I go, ”…and I know.”

LD: In the bathroom. It was the only place I had a shelfavailable.

EW: Really?

LD: No. It’s in my office.

EW: What’s the best part of being rich?

JS: I can buy six toothpastes, so I don’t have to go back.

LD: You spend less time obsessing about tips. But not that muchless time.

EW: Does the press’ interest in your personal lives disturb you?

JS: I don’t really see the tabloids. It doesn’t bother me. It’sall part of being comedy geniuses, a full-service entertainer.

LD: I’m trying to hide my tendencies towards necrophilia. Otherthan that…

EW: Have you felt any backlash against the show’s recentpopularity?

JS: There were a couple of articles where people tried to showthat it was cool to hate it because everybody else liked it. I canunderstand wanting to go against the grain on principle.

LD: Like if I was in high school and everybody was talking aboutthis real popular guy, even if I liked him, I would start to hatehim.

EW: Is there any explanation for why the show became a hit whenit did, aside from switching nights?

JS: That seemed to have a big effect. It’s hard to understand whypeople like comedy on Thursday more than Wednesday.

LD: If there was another show instead of Home Improvement onWednesdays, maybe we would have done better.

EW: Why do you think Home Improvement is so popular?

JS: I’m sure it’s a fine show — I’ve seen it a couple times. It’sjust one of those shows people like.

LD: [to Seinfeld] When are you running for office?

JS: Right now. Is Tim Allen one of your Entertainers of the Year?

EW: No.

JS: Well, there’s your answer.

— Bruce Fretts

They’re not just comedy geniuses anymore. They’re rich, powerfulcomedy geniuses.


They’re not just comedy geniuses anymore. They’re rich, powerfulcomedy geniuses.