EW Staff
December 10, 1993 AT 05:00 AM EST

”Have you heard the ad for the new movie Man’s Best Friend? They say, ‘Nature created him, science perfected him, but no one can control him.’ I thought, man, they have a movie about Michael Jackson already.” -Jay Leno

”Say, ‘Scotty, what’s up man?’ And go to his apartment, ring his bell, and say, ‘Beam me up.”’-Arsenio Hall’s advice to William Shatner on how to approach his Star Trek costar James Doohan

”(Thanksgiving) marks the official start of the It’s a Wonderful Life season on TV. I’ve seen that movie so many times I wish I’d never been born.” -Conan O’Brien

”Lorena Bobbitt is apparently seeing a golf pro. It’s not romantic—she just wants to work on her slice.” -David Letterman on the knife-wielding Virginia woman

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