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Ever notice how actors complain about being treated like animals on the set? See for yourself. Here’s how things stacked up for Charles Grodin and his canine costar during the filming of Beethoven’s 2nd, due in theaters this month. DRESSING ROOM Grodin:Trailer Beethoven:Trailer

ATTENDANTS Grodin: One Beethoven: Two

HAIR & MAKEUP Grodin: One hour Beethoven: 5 minutes

GROOMING Grodin: Shower, comb hair, wash face Beethoven:Daily brushings; weekly half-hour bath

EXERCISE Grodin:Walks around the set Beethoven:Walks with movie girlfriend, Missy

MEALS Grodin:Varied selections, including salad, chicken, and fish Beethoven:Raw meat and dry kibble; treats of hot-dog slices -Lois Alter Mark