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Brain Smasher... A Love Story

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The person responsible for teaming the trashiest-talking man in show business with prolific sci-fi hack Albert Pyun (Nemesis, Cyborg) should be forced to sit through this direct-to-video snoozer. In Brain Smasher…A Love Story as a nightclub bouncer who comes to the aid of a supermodel (Hatcher) being tailed by a passel of Shaolin monks, Clay gets to flash his puppy-dog eyes and make like an ersatz Travolta. Though impressively photographed on the artificially deserted streets of Portland, this surprisingly lighthearted chase movie is so underplotted, it makes The Adventures of Ford Fairlaine look like Chinatown. And for all the venom spewed at Clay’s stand-up act, he’s really not half-bad as an actor. Unfortunately, this time the Diceman bummeth. C-