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Everyone’s a critic-city folks as well as their country comrades.The Beverly Hillbillies opened well with rural residents and garnered$7.2 million in its second week, proving that outside the majormetropolises it’s a bona fide hit. The four-hour Civil War dramaGettysburg is also packing in village patrons- and not just south ofthe Mason-Dixon line. Meanwhile, such upscale pictures as The JoyLuck Club and The Age of Innocence aren’t faring well outside urbancenters. Age, with its all-star cast, opened well in every newmarket, but it has fallen off fast outside the bigger burgs; thefour-hankie weeper Club has had slightly better luck.Weekend Gross to Weeks inGross* Top 20 Date Release

1 $7.2 The Beverly Hillbillies $18.9 220th Century Fox, Jim Varney2 $7.1 Demolition Man $39.5 3Warner Bros.,Sylvester Stallone3 $6.2 Tim Burton’s $6.6 2The Nightmare Before Christmas Touchstone, Animated4 $5.4 Cool Runnings Walt Disney, Leon $33.3 45 $5.0 Rudy TriStar, Sean Astin $6.4 26 $4.1 Malice Columbia, Alec Baldwin $32.7 47 $2.6 The Joy Luck Club $18.6 7; Hollywood, Tamlyn Tomita8 $2.5 Judgment Night $7.8 2Universal Emilio Estevez9 $2.1 The Good Son $38.1 520th Century Fox, Macaulay Culkin10 $1.9 The Age Of Innocence $25.0 6Columbia, Michelle Pfeiffer11 $1.5 The Fugitive $174.5 12Warner Bros., Harrison Ford12 $1.4 A Bronx Tale Savoy, Robert De Niro $12.8 413 $1.0 Gettysburg New Line, Jeff Daniels $3.4 314 $0.9 The Program Touchstone, James Caan $20.4 515 $0.8 Mr. Jones TriStar, Richard Gere $7.4 316 $0.7 Dazed and Confused $4.5 5Gramercy, Jason London17 $0.6 Jurassic Park Universal, Sam Neill $328.7 2018 $0.6 Mr. Wonderful Warner Bros., Matt Dillon $2.1 219 $0.6 For Love Or Money $10.0 4Universal, Michael J. Fox20 $0.5 The Secret Garden $30.0 11Warner Bros., Kate Maberly

WeekendPer/ScreenAverage Top 10 / per screen Screens

1 $11,075 Tim burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 563Touchstone2 $4,647 The Joy Luck Club Hollywood 5663 $4,296 Gettysburg New Line 2394 $3,444 Rudy TriStar 1,4605 $3,320 The Beverly Hillbillies 20th Century Fox 2,1626 $3,140 Demolition man Warner Bros. 2,2587 $2,937 Cool Runnings Walt Disney 1,8288 $2,816 Dazed and Confused Gramercy 2429 $2,706 Malice Columbia 1,51910 $2,285 The Age of Innocence Columbia 839

*Weekend of Oct.22-24 (Dollar Figures in Millions)Drawn from 20 top-grossing films