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TV Show Review: 'The Mommies'

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There is something deeply satisfying about The Mommies (NBC, Saturdays, 8-8:30 p.m.) — the conviction that you have stumbled upon the most hateful sitcom of the new season. Marilyn Kentz and Caryl Kristensen, who until now have had what is apparently the most successful stand-up comedy act you can have without actually becoming well known, specialize in what might be called schlock-of-recognition humor. Highly publicized real-life mothers in a television show based on their club routines, Kentz and Kristensen have an endless supply of material about how awful their kids are, how stupid their husbands are, and how ridiculous and wasted a woman’s life is if she settles for being merely a mother and wife.

”I don’t mind cooking — I just hate doing it for my family” is a typical zinger one Mommy confides to the other (their lines are interchangeable — neither can be bothered to work up a distinctive personality when a constant pose of wry bitterness will do). Stuck in car-pool traffic at their children’s school with just-bought groceries in the back of the van, a Mommy will say, ”Let’s get the food home first-the kids have already gone bad.” In The Mommies, parenthood is a constant attempt to get rid of the children you’ve neglected to raise so that you can commiserate about their bad behavior with your equally miserable friend. The amount of self-loathing that must be involved in being this sort of mommy is terrifying. F