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Power 101: Quotes

Celebs express what power means to them

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” Power is telling me not to wear a certain shirt on ‘Letterman,’ and that power comes from my mother. I’ll be powerful in 25 years when I can tell my own kids what to wear.”
Adam Sandler
Saturday Night Live Comic

”I hear, ‘Yo, he has the juice,’ but it’s such a misconception. Guys like myself-a network cancels you, and you don’t have power. It’s the public that does.”
Arsenio Hall
Talk Show Host

”People confuse social cachet with power. Power means you can get a movie made, as opposed to getting Harrison Ford to accept a collect phone call.”
Susan Isaacs
Author of After All These Years

”To me, power means not having to apply your own makeup. Sadly, I’ve yet to achieve this awesome show-biz precipice, but I will get there.”
Greg Kinnear
Host of E!’s Talk Soup

”Power feels like the most perverse and overwhelmingly sexy sex you’ve ever had. Power is making your visions come true and nothing else.”
John Leguizamo

”Show business aside, power is the ability to make decisions without guidance from a psychotherapist.”
Richard Lewis

”Power would be not having to beg to have my expenses reimbursed. Maybe I’ll get there someday.”
Richard Linklater Director of Dazed and Confused

”Power is a free time from the demands of others-free to be used as you desire. If you don’t have any free time, you don’t really have any power.”
Roger Ebert
Movie Critic