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Power 101: Power Status Symbols, Coast to Coast

Los Angeles vs. New York

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The cultural chasm between Los Angeles and New York yawns ever wider. So, for the power wannabees caught unawares on a foreign coast, here’s a guide to the places and things they need this year to make the translation between staid (or is it stodgy?) New York and laid-back (or is it loco?) L.A.?

Restaurant for up-and-comers:
N.Y.: Tribeca Grill
L.A.: The Ivy

Restaurant for the Establishment:
N.Y.: The Four Seasons
L.A.: Morton’s

Power protein:
N.Y.: Pork en brochette; New York strip sirloin, medium rare
L.A.: Chinese chicken salad; swordfish

Power poison:
N.Y.: A martini at the MercBar or at Bemelman’s in the Hotel Carlyle
L.A.: Pellegrino at the Monkey Bar or the Four Seasons

Selected snip:
N.Y.: Breast lift
L.A.: Tummy tuck

Fashionable fat burner:
N.Y.: StairMaster
L.A.: Whatever the personal trainer says

Jungle gym:
N.Y.: The World (it’s open all night)
L.A.: Sportsclub/LA (it has a valet)

Wheels of choice:
N.Y.: Anything with a chauffeur
L.A.: Toyota Land Cruiser

Selective shopping:
N.Y.: The Uptown Barneys
L.A.: Fred Segal

Power pad for young lions:
N.Y.: Central Park West
L.A.: Malibu

Power pad for the Establishment:
N.Y.: Fifth Avenue
L.A.: Holmby Hills

Sex symbols:
N.Y.: RuPaul, JFK Jr.
L.A.: Kate Moss, Brad Pitt

Gourmet grocery:
N.Y.: Dean & DeLuca
L.A.: Pavilions

12-step group:
N.Y.: Alcoholics Anonmous
L.A.: Sex Addicts Anonymous

Power possession:
N.Y.: A $600 Schipperke dog
L.A.: A $600 Montblanc pen

What to wear to a black-tie dinner:
N.Y.: A little black dress to show off your legs
L.A.: A little black dress to show off your red ribbon

Book to be reading:
N.Y.: Listening to Prozac, by Dr. Peter Kramer
L.A.: Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, by Dr. Deepak Chopra

Where to buy it:
N.Y.: Barnes & Noble superstore, Upper West Side
L.A.: Book Soup, West Hollywood

Weekend home:
N.Y.: The Hamptons
L.A.: Montecito

Vacation spot:
N.Y.: Who takes a vacation?
L.A.: Montana