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'Carlito's Way': Giving us their Al

The new trailer is all Al Pacino, all the time

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Universal might as well call the movie Pacino’s Pull: The studio’s Carlito’s Way trailer is virtually all Al. It begins with a roll call of six of his biggest-grossing film titles, each with a famous sound bite—his “Attica, Attica” tirade from Dog Day Afternoon; ”I don’t care who gets it anymore, including myself,” from Serpico; ”Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” from The Godfather; ”When you get the money, you get the power,” from Scarface; ”Get their prints on a wineglass, bingo, she’s dropped,” from Sea of Love; ”I’d take a flamethrower to this place,” from Scent of a Woman. Only after all this do we see scenes from Carlito, in which Pacino plays a Puerto Rican mobster. Now, it may seem strange to market an action-packed gangster movie by recalling its star’s classy résumé. But remember: Pacino’s 1992 Oscar for Scent has surely made him hotter than costar Sean Penn or director Brian De Palma—whose last film was Raising Cain. Universal won’t talk about the ) marketing strategy of the trailer, but suffice it to say that they released both Scent and Cain.