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Achieving Nirvana

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As Kurt Cobain wails on Nirvana‘s In Utero, teen angst sure pays off. According to Come as You Are (Doubleday, $15), Michael Azerrad’s 342-page history of Nirvana, so do trashing guitars and mumbling on stage. Here are a few details, dysfunctional and otherwise.

*Number of references to getting wasted: 98
*Number of substances mentioned as being used to achieve said effect: 22
*Days of the year Cobain smoked pot as a teen: 365
*Times a day drummer Dave Grohl smoked pot as a teen: 4 to 5
*Amount Cobain spent each day on heroin at the height of his habit: $400
*Amount Cobain says he and wife Courtney Love spent in legal fees to retain custody of their daughter, Frances Bean, following reports of drug use: $240,000
*Recording cost of 1989’s Bleach: $606.17
*Recording cost of 1991’s Nevermind: $130,000
*Amount Nevermind grossed for Geffen Records: $50 million
*Number of times Cobain says he identifies with Danny Partridge: 1