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Freeze That Frame: Louise Lasser

The “what’s-her-name?” actress gets a cameo in “The Night We Never Met”

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Hey—isn’t that what’s-her-name? Grab that remote and try to place that face. A few hints: She’s an actress who was linked with Woody Allen and appeared in his movies. Since they’ve been apart, though, she’s nearly dropped out of sight. She has changed so much, in fact, that you probably wouldn’t recognize her from her single close-up in The Night We Never Met, in which she plays Mrs. Winkler, a comically timid secretary.

It’s Louise Lasser, best known as the pigtailed heroine of the absurdist mid-‘ 70s TV series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Her appearance in The Night We Never Met is, sad to say, brief. But at least it looks better on her resume than her 1990 role in the splatterfest Frankenhooker.