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Emmys 2017
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SLEEPING BEAUTIES Susanna Moore (Knopf, $22) Susanna Moore’s third novel loops through Hawaii’s dark corners, where sea gods call adults into the waves while city councils dispose of the property. The half-Hawaiian Clio Lynott marries a mainland American but cannot live like him. She’s an island girl, and ”island girls do not indulge in self-pity, or alimony, or pain-killers.” Clio, like the islands themselves, is wrenched between past and present, so she constantly questions history, identity, and the difference between seems and is. Her philosophizing, though often tedious, is understandable; in this book, reality is slippery. The phrase ”I myself have seen it” applies equally to lovers embracing and to Mo’o, the giant lizard god. At its best, Moore’s novel revels in economical, lovely images and everyday impossibilities, like a lucid dream. B