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Emmys 2017
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VOLUNTEER SLAVERY: MY AUTHENTIC NEGRO EXPERIENCE Jill Nelson (Noble Press, $21.95) Nelson fearlessly names names-often big ones-in this melancholy memoir, taking time to skewer those who wronged her during her illustrious journalism career at The Washington Post. It was supposed to be nirvana, but instead the paper was her personal purgatory for almost four years because of what she saw as endless personality conflicts, racially unbalanced reporting, poor editing, and insulting assignments. This could have been a tome of spiteful griping with no support. It’s not. Instead, Nelson documents how the Post’s hierarchy often punishes the best and the brightest or, worse, ignores them. A product of a privileged background, Nelson explores her lifelong guilt complex: If you drive a Volvo, live like TV’s Huxtables, and send your kid to private school, can you be ”an authentic Negro”? Written in fluid, accessible prose that is unerringly candid, the book contains poignant insights on race and gender that alone make it required reading for those who sit above the glass ceilings. A -Anderson Jones