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Invasion of the Body Snatchers; Close Encounters of the Third Kind;Stand by Me

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and you want to witness a twist on aliens kidnapping human beings, try renting: * Invasion of the Body Snatchers Both the original (1956, Republic) and even scarier remake (1978, MGM) feature pods from space that abduct the bodies and personalities of the unsuspecting and-gasp!-stay here on Earth. Original: A- Remake: A * Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977, Columbia TriStar) For a more benign view of extraterrestrials, this enchanting but never sentimental Steven Spielberg film shows them as Earth-friendly and physically adorable, and the humans are only too happy to go aboard the Mothership. A * Stand by Me (1986, Columbia TriStar) Four boys, much like the group of pals in Fire in the Sky, explore the woods and encounter an alien sight indeed-though it’s not from outer space. They also come of age in this evocative portrait of small-town America based on a Stephen King novella. A-