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Mail from our readers

Mail from our readers — Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t, on Mel Gibson, Cypress Hill, and more

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Cara Mel
What a beautiful, insightful look into one unique individual (184, Aug. 20). Mel Gibson has come full circle and become one of our best actors. Although I know it must be extremely hard at times to be in the public eye, he has matured, and it’s nice to get beyond the physical! Mel is one intriguing man. Fabulous piece.
Rebecca Wolder
San Diego

Thank you for the article on Mel Gibson. It was refreshing to read something of substance on this talented actor-director instead of the usual fluff on his physical attributes. I only have one complaint. Did you have to pick this particular issue to go ”color blind”? No picture of Mel should be in black and white, especially not a cover photo! What a tease you are!
Roberta A. Schloesser
Hibbing, Minn.

In your article about Mel Gibson, the author speculated that Mel’s father may have moved the family to Australia in order that his sons not be drafted and sent to Vietnam. People might assume from this that Australia was neutral, but, though not widely discussed in the U.S., the Aussies fought the Vietnam War alongside the American and South Vietnamese soldiers. Their draft system even had a ”birthday lottery” similar to ours.
Donald R. Schindel
Countryside, Ill.

Parental Guidance
Ken Tucker’s article was right on target. Parents have the final responsibility in raising their kids, not the TV industry. Mom, Dad, take control of the control. If you had a babysitter who was teaching your children to be violent, you’d fire her, right? So — turn off the TV or, better yet, can it. What you refuse to let your children watch the networks will hopefully, eventually, refuse to air.
Kelly Musselman
Fredericksburg, Tex.

You imply that it should be the parents’ responsibility to monitor the TV viewing habits of their children and not the responsibility of the television industry. In a perfect society, where a conscientious mom and dad are present to oversee their children’s viewing habits, this would be a perfect solution. In today’s society of single parents working late to make ends meet and dysfunctional families, where children rely heavily on television for positive role models, this solution is about as timely as Brady Bunch reruns.
Amy Haerr Secor, Ill.

Pot Pan
Cypress Hill’s attempt to justify the legalization of this harmful drug (marijuana) by claiming job creation and a boosted economy insults each reader’s intelligence [”High Fidelity”]. Do they think the average citizen believes their pothead propaganda? We don’t.
Greg Oliver
Birmingham, Ala.

I have been a reader for several years. I am not renewing because I am incensed, resentful, and affronted by the inclusion of the word Jewish in your heading of the Heidi Fleiss story. That was a cheap shot, adding nothing to the article except overt prejudice.
Ephraim Goldman
Passaic, N.J.