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The 1993 MTV Video Music Awards

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After replaying the show ad nauseam, MTV may have driven every on-air detail of its 10th annual Video Music Awards into your brain. But most viewers still haven’t heard the ceremony’s most interesting sound bites. Herewith a selection of backstage tidbits.

Most obnoxious star tantrum: Sting, after flying in from Paris for rehearsal: ”Where did they get these speakers? Out of a box of cornflakes?”

Most tasteless post-Jackson scandal joke: Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, explaining why he was escorting his manager’s 3-year-old daughter backstage: ”She’s my wife.”

Most deluded self-analysis: Outspoken Hole singer Courtney Love to husband Kurt Cobain after being approached by Star reporter Janet Charlton: ”She thinks I have no ethics. She thinks I’m going to give her gossip.”

Most outspoken loser: RuPaul: ”Can you believe I didn’t even get Best Dance Video? En Vogue ain’t even a dance video. If the bitches — if the girls were here, we’d be going hand to hand….We’d be having some hair-pullin’.”

Most trivial facts:
Cases of soda for rehearsals: 600
Number of bagels : 60 dozen
Alcohol purchased: 31 2 cases of wine, 25 cases of beer
Janet Jackson’s favorite food: Pomegranates
Items on Aerosmith’s contract rider: Bagels and smoked salmon, fresh turkey and Dijon mustard Christian Slater’s requests: Gatorade and Evian Common & request: Lysol (people said the trailers smelled so bad)