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''Trade Winds'' costars

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Our favorite official biographies this week are those of Paula Trickey and Michael Michele, costars of NBC’s new prime-time minisoap Trade Winds. Two excerpts:

Paula Trickey: ”Paula and her boyfriend Troy — a musician/actor — are fitness enthusiasts who have designed their own body-sculpting program which they intend to market in the future. They spend their spare time dancing, watching Lakers and Kings games, and raising Scarlet and Lily — two rottweiler pups who they plan on breeding someday.”

Michael Michele: ”An actress brimming with talent, she presents a rare combination of wit, intelligence, eloquence, and erudite thoughts with femininity, sensuality, charm, and a sence [sic] of humor. She has assumed the legacy of the Grandes Dames of Hollywood such as Katherine [sic] Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, and Dorothy Dandridge, reinvented it in contemporary terms, and therefore given her work a quality that is classic yet fresh and modern.”