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''The Fugitive'''s set

”The Fugitive”’s set — The locale for Harrison Ford’s Chicago apartment was found in a gang-ridden Mexican-Serbian district

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Tired, broke, and running for his life, The Fugitive‘s Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) rents a room in a ramshackle Chicago building. How did director Andy Davis find the right locale? Easy: He had grown up just two miles away.

Davis says the gang-ridden Mexican-Serbian neighborhood, slumped on the city’s southeast side near the U.S. Steel plant, is ”an area gasping for breath. No one would expect a highfalutin doctor to be there.” Or any medical personnel, for that matter: The three-flat building sits in the notorious Tenth Ward, where Richard Speck killed eight student nurses in 1966.

In his one-room basement apartment — renting for ”$70, $80 a month tops,” says Davis — Kimble symbolically hits bottom. But with a $111-million-grossing film to his credit, former denizen Davis has come out on top.