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Psychic predictions for fall

Psychic predictions for fall — Shironna at the Live Psychic Hotline shares her prospects for ”Demolition Man,” ”Heaven and Earth,” and more

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To find out what fate has in store for a few of the fall movies, we talked to Shironna at the Live Psychic Hotline, then got a second opinion from Forest over at Psychic Friends Network. We gave them the titles, stars, and plots (no, they couldn’t glean them on their own). They read the tarot cards and shared their vibes on the outcomes.

Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes. Shironna: ”Wow. Excellent. I get chills with that one.” Forest: ”Very uncertain, unstable. I see it as mediocre, middle of the road. It won’t do that much.”

George Balanchine’s the Nutcracker, starring Macaulay Culkin. Shironna: ”Is there dancing stuff in that one? I don’t think it will go over as well as anticipated.” Forest: ”This show is assured success.”

Heaven and Earth, starring Tommy Lee Jones. Shironna: ”This is a good one. I get chills about this one. It’s not all action — it’s trying to recover from that. It’s a warm story.” Forest: ”This does not do very well. I see depression and sadness coming up.”

The Pelican Brief, starring Julia Roberts. Shironna: ”This should have a good impact. Women are sick of seeing women portrayed as pansies. Julia might pick up a nomination for this.” Forest: ”It does pretty well to start, and then sort of fades. It doesn’t do anything after the first two months.”

Intersection, starring Sharon Stone and Richard Gere. Shironna: ”We kind of like that. I get a real good feeling. But the story line doesn’t support them as well as it might.” Forest: ”A loss. The movie does not do well.”

Guarding Tess, starring Shirley MacLaine and Nicolas Cage. Shironna: ”I get really good vibrations. On a star system of four, I’d give this a three. MacLaine and Cage still have a lot of fans out there, and I like her. I have a good feeling.” Forest: ”(Cage’s) cards say, ‘Strength, skills, imagination, victory, and success.”’