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August 20, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

101 Responses
Your list of TV’s Classic 101 was itself a classic, for which thanks and commendations are due. For 21 years, until leaving in 1981, I was a reasonably senior progamming vice president at CBS, most of the time in charge of program development. A gratifying number of your choices were in fact programs developed by me (15 of them, from No. 1, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to No. 101, Cannon), and in another dozen or so I was otherwise deeply involved. There certainly is no reason for carping over your choices.

Except that to me one of the most significant and entertaining series in broadcasting history was the Reginald Rose/Herbert Brodkin classic The Defenders. It dealt with truly serious issues of law and justice, from abortion to the still unanswered questions of morality and fairness in dealing with euthanasia. It did so with such skill and dramatic power that it lasted for four successful years.
Alan Wagner
New York City

Editor’s Note: EW received a considerable amount of mail suggesting shows not on the list. The most votes went to The Avengers, The Carol Burnett Show, Dr. Kildare, The Ed Sullivan Show, and Route 66. Here are some others:

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.
Ken Kragen
Los Angeles

The Benny Hill Show.
Gerard A. Fortier
Fort Knox, Ky.

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Family.
Dave Bakas

Playhouse 90, Studio One, Naked City, and East Side, West Side.
Stanley W. Cloud
Washington, D.C.

The Red Skelton Show.
Chuck Carter
Hapeville, Ga.

H.J. Jones
Montclair, N.J.

The Wild, Wild West and The Outer Limits.
Russ Lindway
Seven Hills, Ohio

The Prisoner.
Ted Haycraft
Evansville, Ind.

Masterpiece Theatre, Rawhide, and 77 Sunset Strip.
Amy Robinson

The Rifleman.
Ron Clive
Ilion, N.Y.

I Married Joan and Our Miss Brooks.
Les Ogilby
Long Beach, Calif.

Nicholas Fonseca
Tulare, Calif.

Walt Disney Presents, later called The Wonderful World of Disney.
Rick Rofman
Van Nuys, Calif.

Curt Phillips
Redlands, Calif.

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