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MTV's summer in the Hamptons

MTV’s summer in the Hamptons — The music network is broadcasting from a rented nine-room, oceanfront enclave in Long Island

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Life’s a beach — especially at MTV. This summer the 24-hour music network is broadcasting from a rented nine-room, oceanfront enclave (a little abode that runs about $49,000 for the season) in Long Island’s party-hearty Hamptons. Viewers have seen plenty of the customized cowabunga-meets-kitsch decor (crying Elvis portraits, surfboards, rainbow paint job), but here are some real-world facts that you won’t be seeing.

Beach House Fallacy: The house may look lived-in, but the VJs (Kennedy, Bill Bellamy, Adam Curry, and John Norris) and most of the crew are actually staying at the nearby Inn at Quogue.
Beach House MIA: Duff, who has made herself pretty scarce. ”She wasn’t into the ants in her room at the Inn,” says Norris, though we think it might have more to do with the glam VJ’s recently signing a four-picture deal with Disney.
Beach House Chores: A domestic staff of three keeps the house tidy, but the 20 MTVers are responsible for stocking the pool deck with buff teens. ”We basically beg them to come over,” says producer Michael Bloom, who pays them in unlimited pizza and sunscreen.
Beach House Must: A beeper. Kennedy, Bellamy, and Norris won’t leave home without one.
Beach House Bum: In the Line of Fire‘s Dylan McDermott. When he was interviewed on ”MTV Blocks,” says Kennedy, ”He thought we were going to talk about his motivation or something.”
Beach House Grub: The weekly $1,700 grocery budget covers the daily delivery of four dozen bagels and muffins and the ubiquitous three-bean salad. ”Everyone wants everything fat-free,” says Christina Youry, a house chef, ”but when there’s no dessert, there’s hell to pay.”
Beach House Debauchery: ”There’s plenty of hooking up,” Norris says, ”but I’m told this pales next to MTV’s Spring Break in Daytona. That was bacchanalia that defied the Scriptures.”