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Grunge goes easy-listening

Grunge goes easy-listening — ”Grunge Lite” features 13 elevator-friendly versions of hits from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and more

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Holed up in Seattle with keyboards and no amp, musician Sara DeBell had to do something to keep herself busy. The result is Grunge Lite: 13 elevator-friendly versions of grunge standards that even Lawrence Welk could love. Included are hilariously gooey takes on such classics as Nirvana’s ”Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Pearl Jam’s ”Even Flow,” and Seaweed’s ”Bill.”

The impetus behind DeBell’s ”whole buttload of easy-listening favorites” (recorded entirely in her dining room): ”Every authentic artistic or hormonal expression I’ve ever seen in my life has been bled dry and turned into an advertisement for unnecessary crap. I figured that if I did it, it at least comes from someone within the scene.”

The reason C/Z Records agreed to produce the resulting demo? ”We had to put it out before K-tel did,” says label spokesperson Jenny Bendel.