July 23, 1993 at 04:00 AM EDT

For years, CBS’ The Young and the Restless has been tagged TV’s sexiest soap. As a public service, I tallied its one-week horniness quotient and that of ABC’s All My Children and General Hospital, which also have naughty reps.
Flirting/sex talk: Y&R 8 instances, AMC 0, GH 6. To be fair, the main bed in AMC was Natalie’s death bed. But death didn’t stop Y&R. No sooner had she ”bur-ied” Victor (fake de-mise) than his ”widow” began making eyes at his supposed son. Talk about good mourning.
Intimate kissing: Y&R 11, AMC 1, GH 6. ChapStick to Y&R.
Actual sex: Y&R 1, AMC 0, GH 2. Tony Geary (as Bill) handled both GH scenes — with two different women.
Overall: Y&R wins, with extra points for locale: Scott (Peter Barton) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman Recht) did it in his research lab.

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