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CRAZY FOR YOO: Forget Pepsi. Yoo-hoo, the kinda watery chocolate drink once hawked by Yogi Berra, is fast becoming the choice of a new generation. The beverage was featured prominently in Richard Price’s 1992 best-seller, Clockers (soon to be a film by Martin Scorsese), and last year Tom Cruise downed one in A Few Good Men. Recently, the producers of A Bronx Tale (due in October) secured cases of Yoo-hoo to be used as props, and the squat little bottles will also make an appearance in True Romance (due in September)-though nary a dime was paid in product-placement fees. Yoo-hoo product manager Marilyn Grossman calls the resurgence of the sugary drink ”retro-chic,” but True Romance star Patricia Arquette thinks there’s a darker side to this. ”Chocolate milk stands for a pure ’50s version of the American dream,” she says, ”but Yoo-hoo contains no milk. It’s a ’90s mutant version.” Uh-huh. -Bronwen Hruska SEX REPEAL: Warner Books has shelved plans to release a paperback version of Madonna’s Sex. When the Mylar-wrapped, wire-bound book was unveiled last fall, the publisher hinted that a trade paperback would be in the offing for 1993. But with the singer’s career in a lull, Warner has backed off. ”It was never scheduled, although it is standard to do a paperback a year after the hardcover comes out,” says Warner Books spokeswoman Ellen Herrick, who adds that Sex sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. ”Besides, what would we cover it with? A Ziploc bag?” -Casey Davidson

FAMILY AFFAIR: Steven Spielberg’s nephew, Uri, may be the envy of every kid at the next family picnic. Although the director has said his two older sons (Max, 8, and Theo, 4) are still too young to see Jurassic Park, Spielberg’s sister, Susan, a political activist, brought Uri, 10, to the premiere in Washington, D.C., last month. (The family lives in nearby Maryland.) ”He was laughing hysterically while he was scared,” reported his mom at the benefit that followed. Uri added, ”I’ll rent it when it comes out.” To which his mom replied, with a laugh: ”You’ll rent it. He’ll send it to you. Steven’s movies we get, the other ones we rent.” -Lissa August

SISTER ACT: Glenn Close has become Bozeman, Montana’s most celebrated entrepreneur-and scourge of skin mags. In addition to co-owning the Leaf & Bean coffeehouse with her sister, Jessie, a businesswoman, she recently purchased Bozeman’s smoke and magazine shop, Poor Richard’s News. Located next door to the Leaf & Bean, and a popular hangout for other famous Montanans Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, and Michael Keaton (who will costar with Close in Ron Howard’s upcoming The Paper), Poor Richard’s will continue to stock a selection of fine cigars but will no longer carry porn magazines. ”I don’t think those kinds of rags belong where kids can look through them,” says Jessie Close. ”And the attention we get for dumping them is good for business.” Ever the savvy businesswomen, the Close sisters are expanding the Leaf & Bean moniker-they recently lent the name to Susan Bridges (wife of Close’s Jagged Edge costar, Jeff Bridges), who just opened her own java joint in nearby Livingston. -Dan Burkhart