EW Staff
July 09, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

RE: ‘ACTION’ Regarding your Arnold Schwarzenegger story ( 174, June 11), we must speak up for the few intelligent moviegoers left. If Schwarzenegger does these pathetic projects to entertain people, as he says, then we wish he would stop doing us this favor. He is not completely to blame, of course: The studios seem to think that adult filmgoers have abandoned them. But, in fact, Hollywood has abandoned us. What happened to the great films of the ’70s? The Conversation, The Godfather, and Five Easy Pieces, among others, no longer seem to be the kind of movies Hollywood wants to make. Great directors are not given the recognition that Arnold Schwarzenegger gets so easily just by saying, ”I’ll be back.” Jorge and Barbie Gamez Miami

Millions of moviegoers, such as myself, see Arnold as a family man, consummate businessman, and hero to millions of kids for his past work on the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. This is something Columbia can bank on. Even if he produced another Heaven’s Gate, I’d still support his efforts with my $6.50 because he truly is bigger than life-the last American hero. Michelle Fleming-Vandiver Lavonia, Ga.


There is no question that Hollywood has always had influence in the White House, but maybe it’s a good thing that the honeymoon between President Clinton and Hollywood is coming to an end. Now Clinton can begin to handle the problems that the nation is facing. If he doesn’t, maybe we will get to see Ross Perot rubbing elbows with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Clint Eastwood at the White House in 1996. Walter Guillen Houston

As a staunch Clinton supporter, I’ve had it with both self-righteous media pundits and conservative hypocrites blasting President Clinton’s celebrity supporters. In my opinion, Leon Wieseltier’s remark calling Bill Clinton ”our first groupie President” was a cheap shot. As long as Barbra Streisand, Richard Dreyfuss, Whoopi Goldberg, and David Geffen are tax-paying, law- abiding registered voters, they have every right to express their opinions. Renee Newbold Newport News, Va.


I can’t believe it! A critic who actually admits he makes mistakes. Your music critic, David Browne, should be commended for his honesty-or his shrewdness. I hope some of your other critics will get the message and rereview some of their critical comments on the efforts of entertainers to bring some pleasure into our dull lives. Jim Klier Round Lake Beach, Ill.


So Paul McCartney will not tolerate carnivores on tour with him (News & Notes) ? I guess the peace, love, and understanding he was so famous for was just fashionable posing. If we have to tolerate Linda’s keyboard playing, I think the least he could do is turn his vegan head while a roadie munches a meatball. Rocky Caldararo Pittsburgh

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