EW Staff
July 09, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

BROTHERS’ KEEPERS: Oh, those wacky Baldwins. They look alike, they talk alike, and now they even act alike. On the heels of Three of Hearts, which starred William Baldwin in a menage a trois that included Twin Peaks’ Sherilyn Fenn, there’s Threesome, with Stephen Baldwin involved in a menage a trois that includes Twin Peaks’ Lara Flynn Boyle. The distinction between the roles? ”This is a movie about college roommates,” says producer Brad Jenkel, ”and we thought Billy was too old.” And Daniel must have been busy. -Rebecca Ascher-Walsh SERVICE with a smile: The Secret Service considers Clint Eastwood one of the President’s men, giving the actor high marks for In the Line of Fire. ”We were concerned this would be Dirty Harry Goes to Washington,” says one veteran. Which is why the agency gave the filmmakers unprecedented access to training techniques and allowed Eastwood to view rarely seen footage of Agent Clint Hill, who vaulted onto the limo during the JFK assassination. ”On a scale of 1 to 10, we’d give Eastwood an 8.5,” says Carl Meyer, a Secret Service veteran and a consultant to the film. The same can’t be said of Eastwood’s film sidekick, Rene Russo, whose character wears an evening gown to a State dinner. ”She’d never wear a dress,” says retired agent Bob Snow, also a consultant, ”let alone high heels.” At least she didn’t say, ”Make my day.” -Adam Sandler

PROVING HIS METAL: So what if Hollywood is calling his movie Last Action Zero. The soundtrack to the Arnold Schwarzenegger film is anything but a stiff. The album, a heavy-metal fest featuring AC/DC, Alice in Chains, and Megadeth, has jumped into Billboard’s top 10, and Arnold himself continues to be held in high esteem among headbangers. ”As soon as they heard it was Arnold’s movie, all the bands wanted to be involved,” says Columbia Records vice president Diarmuid Quinn. While Arnold can take credit for the album’s success-he handpicked the tracks-it may not be his favorite. According to his publicist, the muscleman is a little more country than rock & roll. But, she adds, ”that would hardly have been appropriate for this film.” -Melina Gerosa

HE WUZ ROBBED: From the ”only in New York” file comes word that the Bernie doll, on tour to promote Weekend at Bernie’s II, has been mugged. At a recent screening in Manhattan, the dummy, which shares the role of an expired boss with Terry Kiser, was stripped of his $400 designer sunglasses and painter’s cap. Though it may sound like a publicity stunt, TriStar reported the theft to the NYPD and is still grousing over the loss. ”We’re going to have to spring for another pair of Oliver Peoples,” says a studio spokesman. ”Though next time we’re going to Krazy Glue them on.” -MG

SALOON STARS: The West isn’t as wild as it used to be-at least not for the cast of Tombstone, now shooting in Tucson, Ariz. Kurt Russell, who plays Wyatt Earp in the Christmas release, and his costars Jason Priestly, Dana Delany, Michael Rooker, Val Kilmer, and Charlton Heston have become regulars at Stingrays, a bar in the airport Holiday Inn. A Stingrays employee says the cast requests ”a lot of country music, and Goldie Hawn (there visiting Russell) was very friendly.” But the employee says that it’s Heston who attracts the most attention: ”People are like, ‘Is that Moses playing darts?”’ -Cindy Pearlman

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