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A WOMAN’S WORTH Marianne Williamson (Random House, $17) If you’re the sort who would tape the phrase ”I am a glorious child of God” to your dashboard, repeat it 10 times a day, and expect your life to change as a result, then Marianne Williamson is for you. In A Woman’s Worth, Williamson, a self-styled self-help guru, urges women to just say no to a bad self-image, to pray their way to equality, and to become queens (”To be a queen is to be a serious player”). Her meditations on beauty, age, and relationships are loaded with good intentions and blinding contradictions. She preaches female empowerment yet reinforces sexist stereotypes (”the masculine is active, the feminine passive”) and indulges a girlish love of princesses and thrones, entreating women to ”return to our castles” as if the Middle Ages were some Shangri-la of equal rights. This is fast-food feminism at its apolitical worst. D -Margot Mifflin