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This affably silly adventure series stars Peter Dobson (Lenny) As a small-time New York hood on the lam in a cumbersome recreational vehicle-our hero takes his nom de crime from the fact that he’s driving a Winnebago. As he lumbers across America, Johnny is being hunted down by his parole officer, who also happens to be his bitter ex-wife (Rose Abdoo). How Johnny got into such a prolix fix is explained over the course of this pilot episode, directed by Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future). Bago is an amusing shaggy-dog story and this opening hour has a number of very funny scenes spoofing Mafia crime movies from The Godfather to Goodfellas, but by next week’s episode, Bago has already settled into a rut. It looks as if Johnny will travel from town to town, meeting eccentrics and helping them, only to hightail it when his ex-wife shows up. Dobson is an awfully charming fellow, but he can’t do much to alter the course of a series that seems destined to turn into a cross between Route 66 and The Dukes of Hazzard. B-