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PREVIEW VIEW To See, or Not to See” ( 172, May 28) is your greatest creation yet! My subscription began through a CD club, and Entertainment Weekly has me hooked. My only problem with your Summer Movie Preview will be finding the money to cash in on all your bonus ”Buzz” tips! Johanna N. Hughes Princeton, N.J.

Reading your usually fresh Summer Movie Preview, I couldn’t help noticing a disappointing trend: the sarcasm that repeatedly appeared in your reviews. Lighten up! People go to the movies for escape and entertainment. Mark Betti Los Angeles

Shame on you for falling for a Mel Brooks joke: His ”dentist’s son” recommended the idea for Robin Hood: Men in Tights! Have you forgotten ”When Things Were Rotten,” his short-lived-but-long-remembered TV parody of happenings in Sherwood Forest? Who could forget Dick Gautier, Dick Van Patten, Misty Rowe, Henry Polic II, and the remarkable Richard Dimitri? (”You can’t just go robbing the rich and giving to the poor nowadays. We got espenses.”) Paul Adomites – Pittsburgh


When Anna Nicole Smith (”A Woman of Substance”) splashed on the fashion scene, I rejoiced. Finally, a model with plush real-woman dimensions. Too bad she’s such a dimwit. If it weren’t for the people she ”could kick in the head” for starting women’s rights, she’d hardly be the subject of an EW interview today. As her husband’s so-called property, she’d remain subject to the abuse she fled for fame and fortune. Terry Hernon MacDonald North Massapequa, N.Y. NAME GAME

Marquee Muck,” which listed the bizarre foreign titles given some U.S. films, reminded me of a poster I saw in Venice a few years ago. Not knowing that the Italian slang for the word framed is incastrato, I mistakenly translated the title of a current hit as ”Who Wants to Castrate Roger Rabbit?” David English Somerville, Mass.


I collect comic books, but I don’t collect either Milestone’s books or ANIA’s. The problem with these new black comic-book heroes is that having them be black is more important than having characters that are human. Thomas Allen Heald Rapid City, S.D.


I would like to commend your recent article on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place. It is refreshing to know that TV critics are rediscovering the revitalized characters and story lines that have allowed these two shows to rise above the norm. Michael Robbins West Wyoming, Pa.

Correction: We characterized a quote from Mario Van Peebles ( 173) as reflecting his disappointment with the box office returns of Posse. In fact, he made the statement about the fickleness of Hollywood before the movie’s release.