Owen Gleiberman
June 18, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Made in America

TV Show
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John Ratzenberger

We gave it a C+

MADE IN AMERICA (PG-13) A rattletrap vehicle-but Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson gaze at each other with such wanton goo-goo eyes that the screen just about glows. The first half hour, in which Afrocentric single mom Sarah Matthews (Goldberg) learns that her visit to a sperm bank 18 years ago resulted in her being impregnated by a shamelessly vulgar, good-ol’-boy car salesman (Danson), plays like the pilot for a sitcom you’d never want to see. After a while, the garish jokes about masturbation and TV advertising give way to a connect-the-dots interracial love affair; you can feel every dumb twist coming 20 minutes ahead of time. Yet damned if Goldberg and Danson don’t have a loosey-goosey charm. The movie is a crock, but an oddly zesty one-a crock spilling over with hormones. C+

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