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‘SLIVER’-OUCH What’s wrong is that Sliver ( 171, May 21) is another insult to the public’s intelligence. After all, this is what happens when a filmmaker produces a movie just to see how much sex can be packed in before it gets slapped with an NC-17. Everyone involved seems to think this movie is an excuse to perform sex therapy on moviegoers. Jeffrey H. Baer Staten Island, N.Y.

Whoa! Your article on Sliver was so packed with conflict, passion, and scandal that there really is no need to see the movie. The antics of these overindulged, spoiled celebrities (William Baldwin and Sharon Stone) are fascinating studies in primate behavior. Their temper tantrums and infantile behavior (grown-ups pouting and being paid millions to do so?) are more entertaining than any mere movie, and a lot cheaper to read about in your magazine. I guess it really is true that nice guys finish last in Hollyweird. Mary Shelton Riverside, Calif.


Gene Siskel writes that I ”brought up in anger” his original review of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls during our soiree at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in April. Not so. I brought it up with humor, and it got a laugh, as it always has, time after time for more than 20 years. Siskel’s inability to discern humor has apparently also afflicted him during his viewings of the movie. He is entitled to his opinion. But his attack on the actors-”a bunch of nobodies”-is cruel and gratuitous. They contributed wonderfully to a film that has so far grossed 20 times its production cost and still plays all over the world to audiences who know the lines by heart. I enjoyed the BVD experience enormously and learned from it. If Siskel ever risks his hand at anything creative, he might see what I mean. Roger Ebert Siskel & Ebert Chicago


Many thanks for your article on Lulu. I am stunned that she thought of herself as ugly. When I was 12, I saw To Sir With Love at a Saturday matinee in a huge theater filled with kids, including some of my classmates. We thought Lulu was the coolest. I purchased all of her U.S. records through ’81, when they abruptly stopped. I wondered what happened. You answered all of my questions. ^ And with ”Independence,” Lulu sounds stronger and cooler than ever. Michael J. Owsiany St. Clair Shores, Mich.


You just don’t get it. There’s more than one Cher. There’s Cher the actress, Cher the singer, Cher the humanitarian, Cher the fitness maven, Cher the tabloid victim, Cher the businesswoman. And we enjoy them all! Tom Callahan Levittown, Pa.


Quantum Leap, just like all the others-I’ll Fly Away, Brooklyn Bridge, The Wonder Years, etc.-gets canceled for the biggest cardinal sin of them all: It dared to be intelligent, earning its small, but highly loyal, audience. Terrie Neilson Kankakee, Ill.