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Live & Loud;Metal Works '73-'93

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Live & Loud

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Ozzy Osbourne
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We gave it a C-

Live & Loud Ozzy Osbourne (1993, Epic, $29.98) metal works ’73-’93 Judas Priest (1993, CMV, $19.98) Ozzy Osbourne is the Puck of heavy metal, an | irrepressible and unpredictable free spirit who’s likely to tell you he loves you just as he gives you the finger. Live & Loud captures all the manic fun of his 1992 tour, smooshing together shots from different concerts into a relentless, MTV-ready montage. Sentimental headbangers will want to fast- forward to the two songs reuniting Ozzy with his partners in Black Sabbath. These fans will be less interested than the uninitiated, though, in Metal Works, which is a once-over-lightly history of metal veterans Judas Priest. This is not Spi nal Tap, although vocalist Rob Halford once set his high boots on fire for the video ”Hot Rockin”’ and couldn’t take them off quick enough to avoid burning his toes. Live & Loud: B Metal Works: B- -Ron Givens