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Could Bill Clinton really be Dave, in reverse? Dave, of course, is the hit movie starring Kevin Kline as an amiable Everyman who resembles a cynical President and subs for him with hardly anyone getting suspicious. Clinton was the sort-of-popular Democrat who got enough votes to get himself anointed as the Second Coming of JFK; now everyone is suspicious. ”He was so good at setting the direction of the campaign,” said a supporter recently, ”and for some reason, he’s not executing the commitments.” We think we know why-the idealistic, focused Bill Clinton was replaced, shortly after the inaugural, by Dave Clinton. BILL CLINTON DAVE CLINTON

Vowed to hit the ground running Stumbled immediately

Pledged to end congressional Blundered into filibuster gridlock

Bashed Sister Souljah Booked L.L. Cool J

Al and Tipper on the bus Harry, Linda, and Christophe on the plane

Played sax on Arsenio Sings the blues on Capitol Hill

Head covering of choice: Head covering of choice: tatty baseball hats $200 haircut from single-name stylist

Campaigned for public schools Sends Chelsea to private school

Watched American Gladiators Watches American businessmen relocate elsewhere

Big Macs with Joe Lunchbucket Canapes with Sharon Stone

Eats Hillary’s cookies Eats Hillary’s dust

Colorful accusations of Boring whispers of womanizing womanizing

”The economy, stupid” ”Who you calling stupid?”