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Will this season’s Big Read live up to the legacy of its predecessors? Check out the hot books of summers past-all available in paperback-and judge for yourself: *1992 Gerald’s Game Stephen King (Dutton, $6.99) A woman is left chained to a bedpost after her husband’s fatal heart attack. *1991 The Kitchen God’s Wife Amy Tan (Ivy, $5.99) A Chinese-American matriarch tells the harrowing story of her life. *1990 The Burden of Proof Scott Turow (Warner, $5.95) An attorney tries to solve the mystery of his wife’s death while defending his corrupt brother-in-law. *1989 The Russia House John le Carre (Bantam, $5.95) Smiley changes his tactics for the post-Cold War world. *1988 Alaska James Michener (Fawcett, $6.95) A fictional history of the 49th state. *1987 Misery Stephen King (Dutton, $5.99) An author is held captive by his number one fan. *1986 Red Storm Rising Tom Clancy (Berkley, $5.95) Without using nuclear weapons, the West beats the Soviets in World War III. *1985 The Fourth Deadly Sin Lawrence Sanders (Berkley, $4.95) Which of six suspects murdered a New York psychiatrist? *1984 ”…And Ladies of the Club” Helen Hooven Santmyer (Berkley, $7.95) Life in an Ohio town, 1868-1932. *1983 The name of the rose Umberto Eco (Warner, $4.95) Unraveling a murder in a 14th-century monastery