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''McLintock!'' on video

”McLintock!” on video — The 1963 John Wayne Western has finally been released on video, but two different comapanies are warring over the rights

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Is this town big enough for two McLintock! tapes? One of the last John Wayne video holdouts, the 1963 Western has finally hit stores… twice. MPI Home Video, which licensed its uniquely subtitled ”Producer’s Cut” edition from Batjac Productions (run by Michael Wayne, McLintock! producer and a Duke son), is suing GoodTimes Home Video for releasing another cut of the movie — charging copyright infringement and unfair competition. GoodTimes claims the film is in the public domain but has admitted that its edition — which cropped out several speaking parts — was faulty. (GoodTimes has promised to replace it with a superior print.)

The showdown is scheduled to begin in a courtroom in mid-May. Don’t expect the duo to ride off into the sunset together.