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Rainy movie sets

Rainy movie sets — We look at the coping strategies of some of the movies caught in recent L.A. downpours, including ”The Last Action Hero” and ”Demolition Man”

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It never rains in Southern California? Don’t bet on it. L.A.’s record winter downpours sent several upcoming movies running for cover. Some that made the best of a soggy situation:

The Last Action Hero: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s June 18 release from Columbia cried uncle after strong winds repeatedly destroyed sets. ”We had an awful lot of guys with squeegees. We finally just kept the streets wet,” says coproducer Robert Relyea.

Demolition Man: The Warner Bros. fall sci-fi thriller, starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes, had to dynamite a downtown L.A. building between storms. ”They had to keep it going,” a source says, ”but we did work faster.”

Robin Hood: Men in Tights: Scheduling on Mel Brooks’ parody (due July 13) went haywire, but there was a silver lining. ”By the time we shot Sherwood Forest, just north of L.A.,” says Robert Brown, production manager on the Twentieth Century Fox release, ”it was in full bloom.”