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Madonna moves to the hills

Madonna moves to the hills — The pop superstar’s color scheme on her new mansion is not making her popular with the neighbors

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Renovations at Madonna’s new $5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills are getting even worse reviews than her movies. ”It used to be a nice, tasteful white house,” sniffs one neighbor who disapproves of Madonna’s decision to use red and yellow paint on the 67-year-old Castillo del Lago, once owned by mobster Bugsy Siegel (portrayed by ex-beau Warren Beatty in Bugsy).

”There’s no cause for alarm,” insists Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone, who’s redesigning the L.A. estate. ”The red and yellow are merely test colors for an undercoating of paint that eventually will make the house look like a rustic Italian villa.” Although a neighborhood design committee is still expressing concern over the house’s hues, Ciccone dismisses all complaints. ”If it wasn’t Madonna, nobody would really care,” Ciccone says. ”A number of houses in the area are, shall we say, a bit ramshackle.”