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Live -- On the Night

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Live - On the Night

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Warner Bros.

We gave it a C-

Yes, music lovers, just what you’ve all been craving: 10 marginally different-sounding versions of all your FM-radio faves — ”Money for Nothing,” ”Walk of Life,” etc. — with the added bonus of audience applause and stage patter. Close your eyes, and you can make believe you were there. That is, if you can stay awake.

Nothing against Mark Knopfler; he’s a heckuva guitarist, blending blues, country, rockabilly, and pop together in seemingly effortless, fluid solos. Guess that’s why he’s such a sought-after session player. And he hasn’t lost that dryly laconic vocal delivery that imbues every song he sings with nasty- sounding irony. But at this point, 14 years after the low-key surprise of ”Sultans of Swing,” who cares?

No doubt, Dire Straits would justify the release of Live—On the Night as some sort of gift to the true fan. You know, an authentic souvenir that proves the band is tight and tasteful even in a concert setting. There’s also no doubt that only a true fan would buy it. Money for nothing, indeed. C-