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Edited for planes

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Forget the difficulty of adapting Glengarry Glen Ross from the stage to the screen; the real problem was moving it from the ground to the air. No matter what the films’ original ratings, airlines routinely have movies edited and partially redubbed for the G audiences on board. Few have required as much imaginative for-the-air amendment as Glengarry, thanks to David Mamet’s trademark vernacular. A dirty dozen alterations:

On the Ground: ”B——‘ about that sale ”
In the Air: ”Moanin’ about that sale ”

On the Ground: ”You son of a b—- !”
In the Air: ”You sorry wretch!”

On the Ground: ”You f—–‘ f—— !”
In the Air: ”You freakin’ losers!”

On the Ground: ”F— Mitch and Murray!”
In the Air: ”Damn Mitch and Murray!”

On the Ground: ”F—! F—! F—!”
In the Air: ”Fine! Fine! Fine!”

On the Ground: ”F— you. You owe me the car.”
In the Air: ”Very slick. You owe me the car.”

On the Ground: ”Anybody who talks to these a——- is a f—–‘ a—— .”
In the Air: ”Anybody who talks to these animals is a freakin’ animal.”

On the Ground: ”You make a close and this whole place stinks with your f—-”
In the Air: ”You make a close and this whole place stinks with your fumes…”

On the Ground: ”Where did you learn your trade, you stupid f—— c—?”
In the Air: ”Where did you learn your trade, you stupid phony con?”

On the Ground: ”I don’t care whose d— you’re s—— on.”
In the Air: ”I don’t care…whose deal you’re sitting on.”

On the Ground: ”I’ve got my b—- back.”
In the Air: ”I’ve got my bounce back.”

On the Ground: ”F— you!”
In the Air: ”Eeeeowble you!”