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Marilyn Monroe by the numbers

Marilyn Monroe by the numbers — A rundown of some of the interesting figures in Donald Spoto’s new biography about the reveals titular star

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Could America’s sex goddess have died from an enema? That’s only one of many provocative theses in Donald Spoto’s new biography, Marilyn Monroe. Some others, according to Spoto:

*Monroe’s age when first married: 16

*Monroe’s mother’s age at her first marriage: 14

*Number of times Monroe (and her mother) married: 3

*Number of men who could have been Monroe’s father: 5

*Number of magazines she appeared on in 1946, her first year modeling: 33

*Amount Monroe was paid weekly for her first Fox movie contract: $75

*Amount she was paid for 1953’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: $15,000

*Number of films she made in her first eight years in Hollywood: 24

*Number she made in her last eight: 5

*Number of times the author thinks Monroe slept with President John F. Kennedy: 1

*Number of times the author believes she slept with Robert Kennedy: 0