Cindy Pearlman
April 09, 1993 AT 04:00 AM EDT

SMELLS LIKE TEEN CENSORSHIP: The Seattle music scene is under attack. Grunge stars are howling about the city’s Teen Dance Ordinance, which cracks down on clubs frequented by footloose minors. There’s also a state law in the works that would ban sales of ”erotic music” to kids. ”You get a little subculture goin’,” complains Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, ”and they want to stop all shows and take away the music.” Vedder notes that Seattle bands sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of records last year — ”and here’s the thanks they get.” But State Rep. Richard King argues, ”The bill is not censorship. It doesn’t say it’s illegal for minors to listen to it. Parents would have to purchase music for the minors.” So, Mom, can you pick up Golden Shower of Hits by the Circle Jerks?

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