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LA's lonely heart

LA’s lonely heart — We suspect Don Simpson or Joel Silver is behind a ”Los Angeles” magazine personal ad

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Not since David Lynch got everyone guessing who killed Laura Palmer has L.A. been so abuzz over a secret identity. Everyone’s wondering which Hollywood lonely heart placed the now-notorious Los Angeles magazine personal ad describing himself as a ”Wealthy Hollywood Bad Boy” who abhors ”the idea that humans are naturally monogamous” and seeks an ”exotic and special (woman) to be the star of my personal movie.”

The 300-word ad, which first appeared in January, cost $1,800. By its second appearance in the monthly, show-biz gossip mongers, using the physical description (40s, 5’9”, 165 pounds) and the ad’s aggressive tone, had narrowed the suspects down to two uberproducers: Top Gun Don Simpson or Boy Scout Joel Silver.

Not guilty, says Silver. ”I’ve been going out with the same girl for two years and I have no intention of altering that. Frankly, people have called me and asked me if it was Don Simpson.” The once-tubby Simpson, who, says his publicist, recently shed 35 pounds at an Arizona spa, replies, ”It sounds like somebody is pulling a hoax on me.”