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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Mail from our readers


Dave DiMartino’s article on the music business (#158, Feb. 19) was a fantastic overview, but the conclusions were way off target. When are people going to stop whispering about the voices of successful pop stars? If you have seen Paula Abdul live and paid close attention (which I have done twice), seen old tapes of Janet Jackson before she was important enough to have her voice embellished, or, heck, ever seen Madonna on Saturday Night Live, you can tell that these ladies do not need electronic enhancement. Sure, attitude has become important, but wasn’t that the whole point of the rock & roll rebellion?
Micah McCoin

Your Grammy article was well written and a pleasure to read. As a devoted Michael Bolton fan, I was especially pleased to see his picture on your cover! One important fact that the article failed to mention is that Bolton is the man with the most top 10 hits of the ’90s.
Helen Rogers
Dumfries, Va.

While David Browne’s article on Eric Clapton refers to both his ex-wife Patti and his classic song ”Layla,” it neglects to point out that ”Layla” was dedicated to Patti. Considering that this woman has inspired numerous great songs and has endured her share of pain too, she certainly merits recognition as more than just another rock star’s ex.
N.L. Gates
State College, Pa.


Your review of Nancy Taylor Rosenberg’s debut novel, Mitigating Circumstances, was not only ungracious — a pardonable crime — but inaccurate as well. Apparently reviewer Tom De Haven spent more time reading press materials about the novel (half the review is grousing about a movie deal on the book) than he did reading the book itself. If he had paid attention, he would have known that the main character is not herself raped, and that her attacker is not an ”ex-cop.” Luckily, most of America doesn’t agree with De Haven’s bitter assessment of the book; this terrific, gripping thriller is selling briskly all over the country.
Jennifer Robinson
Teaneck, N.J.


In publisher Michael J. Klingensmith’s anniversary letter, he said, ”She may not have been a household name three years ago when we put k.d. lang on the cover of our first issue but, hey, neither were we…” Well, to us, lang was a household name, so we bought the first issue; soon after, you became a household name too! Keep up the good work!
Maribeth Burke
Watertown, Mass.


Your photo of a bound and gagged Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Table of Contents) was truly bizarre — especially since it turned out to be the very last picture taken of the urbane writer-director. It was also inexplicable, since you made no mention of it in your tribute (which should have included such available-on-video titles as The Barefoot Contessa, The Honey Pot, and Sleuth).
Thomas Harris
Summit, N.J.